Woven textiles

Selected woven textiles from

What excites me in woven textiles are the endless combinations of different materials and structures one can explore in a process that is simultaneously both very analytical and truly creative. Here are some examples from my previous projects, and fabrics I have designed for Italian jacquard mill Lodetex Spa.

Through the years I have spent enormous amount of hours behind looms hand weaving. Feeling different yarns and fibres and constructing and unravelling woven samples: gathering experiences that have equipped me with all that knowledge needed to understand the reflective nature of my practice. As a researcher I aim to utilise that tacit knowledge, that springs from the practice and is embodied on myself - and enables open-minded explorations beyond my own assumptions by adapting to the behaviour of textile materials.

Lodetex 2011

Collections from 2008-2011

Black/White-collection 2007

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